Common Questions People Ask Us

About Ordering and Delivery

Can you place the order for me?

We can place the order on your behalf. Please drop a message on whatsapp. 

Share your name, complete address, contact number, products you’d like to order.

How can I pay for my order?

You can complete the payment using any debit card, credit card, and PayLah.

How long will it take for my order to get here?

Based on the option you choose for delivery we offer:

Next day delivery @ $15

3-4 day delivery @ $5

You can track the order using your email address and the order number in your confirmation email, or the tracking number sent to you on email as well.

If you can't find these details, drop us a message on whatsapp and we'll share the latest update on your order right away.

Can these pickles reach safely to me in glass jars?

We realize that delivery services don't always treat shipments kindly enough. That's why we take extra care when sending your orders. Only 1 in 100 shipments have historically reached damaged to the customer.

If that is unfortunately the case with you, we'll replace your pickles free of cost.

We suggest you take a picture of the damaged order, and we will handle the rest.

And then please reach out to us on whatsapp, 96817110 , or email on You can also choose to message us on our social channels, Facebook and Instagram.

About the Pickles

What do you use to make these pickles?

We source all our ingredients including fruits, vegetables, and spices from trusted sources in Singapore.

These products don’t have an Organic certification, we can’t claim our pickles are organic. But we personally inspect each item before using it for our pickles. 

We combine all these ingredients and make pickles using Mustard Oil in all our preparations, in the traditional Homemade way.

How long will the pickles stay good on my kitchen shelf?

These pickles are good to stay on your kitchen shelf ranging from 3 to 12 Months, mentioned on each jar. Though people tend to eat them away sooner 😉

How do you avoid color and preservatives in your pickles?

All our pickles are made in traditional Punjabi style. The spices and oil used work as natural preservatives.

It's pretty much the same with color. The spices have a natural color, which is essentially the color of our pickles too.

No nasties, only tasty goodness in our Pickle prep!